About me

Hello world, they call me Ariano (Why? Actually because of this guy). I make Beats, DJ and blog about music. I am based in Berlin.

On this blog as well as on Instagram and Facebook I will be featuring hits from around the world.

My aim is to not focus solely on the already very dominant music often coming from North America but to go beyond the English speaking realm and showcase musical styles, Artists and scenes that do not get as much Attention, as I think they should.

Of course, I like rap music from all sorts of places but I also lived in the UK and Colombia for a while and that’s when I grew fond of UK Funky, Grime, Garage as well as Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Music from Colombia’s pacific coast. Other than that (I’m usually not a fan of genres) I like RnB, Baile Funk, Kizomba, Trap, Drill, House, Dembow, Zouk, Bass, Dancehall, Kuduro, Soca and a lot of other music I forgot or can’t label.

I will post some of my DJ mixes in the near future. You can already find my curated playlists on Spotify and Youtube. If you have any Suggestions, Feedback or Music I should listen to, write me an email: arianoknows@gmail.com