Philip Emilio – Pelikaner ft. Arif

Pop/Rap/RnB – this Tune from Norway has it all.

Repeat after me:

“I won’t judge an artist by his view count!”

Or you might miss Philip Emilio’s futuristic Pop sound. Pelikaner collected only 54.000 clicks on Youtube since its release in 2016 but the 27 year old singer from Norway is definitely avant-garde in what he creates musically and I’m sure he is gonna blow up any time soon. The Oslo native doesn’t have that many songs out (at the moment there are five on his Youtube channel) but I assure you, he hasn’t missed with any one of them and I could have chosen at least two more as my Tune of the Day.

What’s even more interesting: He’s not alone. Emilio frequently collaborates with fellow Norwegians Unge Ferrari and Arif, who is featured on Pelikaner. Their go to Producer is Aksel “Axxe” Carlson, they have top notch video productions and they are all part of Nora Collective. To sum it up: They complement each other extremely well.

The resulting mix includes strong RnB and Rap influences and I have been hyped about it for the past year. In fact, when have I ever been hat excited about Falsetto Pop? I honestly can’t remember.  That’s why I am glad to finally share this with you.