reezy – déjà vu 1997 (prod. by reezy)

File this under "German rappers you should be watching in 2018".

I first heard about reezy (sometimes reezy supreme) two years ago, when a friend remixed one of his songs and showed it to me. Since then a lot of time has passed and it seems that reezy is living up to his potential, creating a hype for himself along the way (the rise of his acquaintance Bausa might have facilitated this).

The last four songs reezy dropped were all fire, so it came to no surprise that his latest release déjà vu 1997 didn’t dissapoint either. What I noticed even back in 2015 was his talent for melodies and he shows this again on this track. The melody of the hook is catchy as hell and makes up for some (sporadically) rather stale verses (Drake, Drake, Drake, fake love etc…. you’ll get what I mean). It’s important to note that, as well as a talented rapper/singer, he is also a gifted producer, self producing a lot of his songs.

To put it brief: if you haven’t already added reezy to your list of German Rap Artists to Watch in 2018, now is the time.