Reyna Tropical (Sumohair & Fabi Reyna) – Niña

When it's freezing outside, this Tropical Bass keeps you going.

Producer Sumohair who is also a DJ AND a hairdresser (shoutout to Kem, you’re still my favorite!) got together with Fabi Reyna to form the Duo Reyna Tropical and we should all be thankful for that.

Honestly, it’s a match made in heaven (actually California), as you can hear on their track Niña, which is part of an EP they did together and imho deserves way more attention (why is this not on the radio here in Germany?!).

Sumohair describes himself as a Mexican expat living in L.A, exploring the African Diaspora through music and I can tell he definitely has a thing for Tropical Bass. Fabi Reyna on the other hand surely could be considered a whizz kid: She’s a singer, guitarist, bassplayer – and as if that wasn’t enough – the Editor in Chief of She Shredsa magazine for female guitarists.