Tune of the Day Brazil: Rincon Sapiência – Ponta de Lança

This Tune of the Day from Brazil connects with the old days of MC culture. Bars for days, that's for sure.

It’s his biggest hit to date and also my personal Favorite: With Ponta de Lança, Sao Paulo native Rincon Sapiência aims to bring back classic MC culture. For this track this means: No chorus but endless bars – still you don’t get tired listening to it, since, even though an homage to the good old days, it still sounds fresh and innovative. For me, it’s the Funk (aka Baile Funk) elements incorporated in the track that play a significant part.

As Rincon himself explains, his music contains(besides rap of course) electronic influences, as well as elements of African musical styles. Africa’s importance here is no coincidence as the MC’s personal connection to his African heritage is underlined by the alias Rincon Sapiência aka the Manicongo. The Manicongo was the title of the Ruler of the Kingdom of Congo. It is the part of Africa, Rincon traces his roots to and which he sees connected to the afro-brazilian Quilombola culture existent in his family’s home state of Minas Gerais, a culture that also impacted him musically.